is a singer, that composes her show with a wide range of songs from the world.


Freja Skumslot: 
Accompanied by a ramschackle red accordion, I sing to evoke forgotten & unplaceable sensations,
I sing from my entrails to go to strange lands of strong colours & forgotten tales.
With me are seaman's chords & song treasures: Simple interpretations of Mexican, Greek, Polish & Bulgarian folklore,
La Nueva Canción Latínoamericana, rock'n'roll ballads & own compositions.
I sing of desire & death, memory,  confusion, fear, love & ghosts. 
It is a great honour for me to be a part of Singing Our Place Festival.
For the occasion, I will share the first sprouts of the piece Foam on the Ocean.
Departing from the tale of the Little Mermaid, I explore the themes of women's desire,
of longing, of legs, of losing one's voice, of being a stranger & of hopes of other lands, lives & afterlives.
Of hybrid species, the human-fish. Of the ocean as bearer of deep secrets,
a witness to our, the humans', unfathomable destruction of Earth,
the ocean where life may have begun & may end.
Let's take a look at the spinning wheel!