The vision is that the work of Teater Viva can take form as a celebration of life.

A celebration of that which keeps us alive and on the way towards life, towards death.

On the way towards ourselves. On the way towards each other.

Teater Viva was founded by Katrine Faber in 2007 in Denmark.

Katrine has been trained as an actress in Italy, Spain and Denmark.

Teater Viva performs for children, youngsters and adults in Denmark and abroad.

Teater Viva explores the interaction between performer and public, space and body, silence and sound.

The performances of Teater Viva are characterized among other elements by the meeting between expressive physicality

and the use of the human voice in all possible and impossible ways in text, song, music and sound.

The theatre is often inspired by myths, fairytales and dreams mixed in a surprising way with 

 contemporary texts on political, documentary and social themes conveyed with a sharp and humorous personal twist.

Every new performance opens new artistic areas. Teater Viva often collaborates with other theatre companies, artist groups,

musicians and composers. The theatre sees it as an important task to create cultural exchanges and meetings at home and abroad.

Teater Viva has done this in as different places of the world as Mexico, Nepal, Spain, Tuva in Central Asia, Uzbekistan

Iceland, Greenland and isolated places in the North of Scandinavia.

Teater Viva aims to get in contact with all kinds of audiences in Denmark and abroad.

We are interested in getting people in all walks of life interested in the importance of art.

The art has an important role to play our society and our communities.

The art can guide us in times of changes and in the transition between the old and the new.

Art can inspire us, show new ways and sustain us in our need to create new sustainable visions

for our existence and common future. Visions that speak many -dimensionally to all of us.

We invite our audiences to discover the artistic space as an opportunity to express themselves and participate

in social life and democracy and the development of the common perspective for all living things on Earth.