Nevesta’s Voice is a vocal group who gathers and interprets European folk songs.

This night they intend to fill the festival with voices and stories from near and far.

The group will share their repertoire of folk songs from South, East and Northern Europe,

while also inviting participants from the “Intercultural Song sharing” project to join them on stage.

The concert is a culmination of 6 months’ work with oral transmission and sharing of songs within intercultural groups,

and the night will be a tribute to the people of the past, the voices of the present and the treasures of song in us all.


Helene Tungelund, voice and Celtic harp

Elisabeth Klein, voice, accordeon

Johanne Lange, voice 


Nevesta’s Voice gathers, interprets and performs folk songs from the European continent and its borders.

Travelling through song traditions from The Middle East and Eastern Europe, through the Baltics to the cold North,

the group is driven by a great curiosity for our cultural roots and the people of the past.

Through the music, Nevesta’s Voice creates a powerful, poetic and intimate connection between us and those who were.

Even if the people have long since past away, they have all left a story

and a unique opportunity for an insight into their joys, tragedies, desires and humor.