Singer and composer Ruth Wilhelmine tells:

”A dead whale with 30 plastic bags in it’s belly. A disoriented clownfish no longer being able to smell foe from protector.

The joyful sound of sheep bells in the mountains is gradually fading away.

Nature, with it’s species and biotopes, is changing.

A biotope is a living place for organisms, a place where species coexist in fragile constellations fully dependent on each other.

It all started being overwhelmed by the changes taking place in the biotopes around me and on our earth,

my own and mankind’s lack of will to act.

I wanted to loose myself into a dialogue with nature’s different places, plants and living creatures.

I tried to move my focus, from my point of view to biotopes’ and species’ point of view.

Finding the divide between nature and me gradually ceased – from “that and me” to “you and I – us”.

In Sonic Biotopes / KLANGBIOTOPER music is the eye of a camera zooming in on details and separate species,

then out into larger landscapes and biotypes and finally into new species, like a sonic expedition.”

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