Annette Rana Petersen is a storyteller, an author and a poet

and she is a part of the festival team as project coordinator and host of Stories of the Night Cafe.

Annette Rana Petersen:
One late evening I just started crying. A lot of tears were running down my cheeks.

I let them fall and fall and fall. I thought it would never end and I did not care.

After a while, I found voices and words behind my tears.

They all by themselves turned into sentences and lines and suddenly into poems.

I started to write. And write and write. I ended up writing a poetry collection.

Since then I write poetry and tell stories from my life.

I am strongly longing for the quietness in the Sahara desert which I have visited three times.

I find myself belonging there in some strange way……

belonging to the big nature and the stars in the night that connect all of us.

This place gives me the possibility to belong to this world. I

ndependent of who I am and where I come from and where I go.

Just belonging to everything and everybody.

Stories of the Night:

This café will be open every night during the festival and gives you the opportunity

to tell a part of your story, a song, a poem, a performance, work in progress….

whatever you feel like to share with us. Perhaps a story that never was told……

perhaps a lullaby that you used to hear when you were a kid.

It is an open café for the participants of the workshop and for the audience.

Everybody is welcome to share what comes from your heart.

I will be your host and I am looking forward listen to all of you.

I hope you will join this beautiful way of ending the day.

Write to me and I will put you on the list –

or just tell me during the festival if you want to share something.