Singing Our Place; International Performing Arts Festival      (På dansk om festivalen)     

6-10 Juni 2019 at Godsbanen, Aarhus C, Denmark.

- presenting women artists and their voices and visions for our future.


At the festival you will meet international stage artists from England, Spain, Italy,

Argentina, Denmark, Brazil, Greenland, Norway, Sweden, France and Finland.

The festival is arranged by Teater Viva, Aarhus, Denmark

in collaboration with Odin Teatret in the project Between Two Sisters

and with the International Magdalena Network for Women in Theater.

The festival is supported by Europæisk Kulturregion, Odin Teatret, William Demant Fonden,

Nordic Culture Fund, Aarhus Kulturudviklingspulje og The Danish Arts Foundation.


We invite you to an hugely inspiring space for artists and audiences in all ages and all genders.

You will meet lament singers from Finland, Butoh dance, video installations,

joiksingers and electronic music, rituals, Arctic mask dance and drum dance in modern context,

performances, physical theater, contemporary dance, songs from all over the world,

theater and storytelling and experimental stage works.
The festival presents prominent international artists and their artistic visions.

The artists come from 11 different countries around the world

and will create a huge colorful expression of different voices and visions

that speaks to all of us, who are interested in performing arts, society and our common future.

Performances, concerts, video installations, dance performances, talks,

stage art workshops, work in progress performances and symposium

explore our ideas and images, our fears and hopes about the future

in a time of crisis, collapsed ideas and new opportunities.

The art has an important role to play in the transition between the old and the new

and in our need to create new sustainable visions and actions,

which speak many-dimensional to all of us.

We want the festival's participants to discover the artistic space

as an opportunity for development and participation in social life and democracy

and the development of new sustainable perspectives.

Singing Our Place.

Teater Viva has since 2015 worked with the cross art project Singing Our Place,

and has created performances, concerts, sound installations and community plays

i Denmark, Iceland and Greenland.

Singing Our Place Project explores relationships between people,

our living surroundings and our common future.

Singing Our Place Festival brings the experiences, inspirations

and international partners to Denmark and to Aarhus

with an artistic focus on some of the most important themes of today;

equality, democracy and climate change. Where do we want to go as a society ?

As humans living together with each other and with all other living things ?

The vision for Singing Our Place Festival is to create a common space

for diversity and exchange, a space for meetings and explorations,

for artistic expressions, that can inspire us to discover new ways of being in the world together

and inspire us to act with hope and commitment.

We live in times that call for our voices and engagements.

Come and share your voice and visions !

Place: Godsbanen, Aarhus C, Denmark.

There will be 5 days with 18 performances and concerts, a Future Symposium,

4 explorative stage art workshop laboratories

and 4 showings of work in progress performances and a huge ending Ritual Party.

During the festival days we will invite you into 4 explorative artistic laboratories

inviting you to through artistic work explore your voices and visions for the future.

Workshops and all events at the festival are open for all genders.